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Turn any drive you take into an enjoyable adventure when you use the FordPass™ app. The staff at your Ford Salisbury MD home is ready to show you that FordPass™ can be your best friend anytime you travel. Simply download the app and then hook it up to your Ford model. Once you link this app, you can keep tabs on a variety of important statistics and pieces of information. This suite of info includes your VIN number, the current weather, and any necessary updates. The FordPass™ app is your navigator, your co-pilot, and the answer to all of your travel needs. The team at your home for a new Ford in Salisbury MD can show you how this app operates and how it can be easily connected to your favorite Ford vehicle.

Ford Salisbury MD

Using the FordPass™ app

You will be able to hook your FordPass™ app to your vehicle via the SYNC® Connect system. Download this app to your smart device and keep that key information safe when you use a customizable pin number. Change the way you connect to your Ford today with this great app.

Avoid the uncertainty of finding a parking spot when you use this app. You will be able to find suitable parking in select cities easily when you search by address, landmark, or neighborhood. You can also reserve your parking spot for a set amount of time and pay for it as well. FordPass™ users won’t have to worry about rummaging around their console or turning over chair cushions to find spare change when it comes time to pay for parking. Our team can show you how simple it is to open your account and relieve some of that parking stress.

You will be able to unlock, lock, start or shut off your vehicle using this app.You can also easily locate your vehicle, schedule the time you want your vehicle to start every day,  and keep track of your fluid and fuel levels using this convenient app. If you do find yourself low on fuel, then you can search for gas stations by price, fuel grade, or brand. FordPass™ will also tell you the current weather conditions before you travel so that you can prepare before you begin your trip.

Ford Salisbury MD

Whenever your vehicle experiences a recall, you will be made aware via FordPass™. When you do find out that your Ford is going through a recall, you can schedule your Ford service appointment at Pittsville Ford. This app will help you keep track of your odometer, send you health reports, keep you aware of your tire pressure, and let you know when you need your oil changed. FordPass™ will also keep track of your service and let you know if your Ford is in need of fluid. This app comes outfitted with FordPay so you can cover the cost of your Ford service or even your financing with Ford Credit.

FordPass Rewards™ Program

FordPass Rewards™ is replacing Owners Advantage Rewards, but you won’t lose any of the rewards you gained over the years. Drivers can earn points in this program when they make purchases and/or get Ford service. Engaging with Ford will also earn you points, whether you do it online or offline. You can fill out surveys, attend Ford-sponsored events, and earn points in a variety of other ways. This is part of the FordPass™ app, and it features upcoming and current mobility offerings. Use these points for service, parking, or for chances to win exclusive Ford prizes. Visit fordpassrewards.com, or download the app so you can enroll today.  

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