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Change My Oil

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One of the most important factors in keeping your vehicle at peak performance is making sure that you are changing your oil and your filter regularly. Having fresh oil will keep your engine lubricated and protected. If you don’t take care of your model with regular oil changes, then your engine will go through rough metal-on-metal contact that could cause serious harm. If you need an oil change near Berlin MD, make sure you come to your Pittsville MD Ford dealership and talk to our factory-trained service staff. Our team will ensure that you get the specific type of oil that your model needs to run like it is brand-new When you put the correct kind of oil in your vehicle, you could improve your MPG by as much as 2%.

oil change berlin md

If you have a Ford that is from 2007 or older, make sure that it is getting an oil change every 5,000 miles or every six months. If your Ford is from 2008 or newer, then make sure that your oil is getting changed every 7,500 miles or every six months. There are a few instances where you’ll have to change your oil more often than that. If you tow heavy loads, idle for long periods of time, or drive at low speeds regularly, then you probably need to change your oil more often. If you drive in dusty areas, off-road often, or have a vehicle that operates using E85 fuel more than half of the time, then make sure you get your oil changed more often as well. Take a look at your Ford Owner’s guide for more information on how often you should be changing your oil.

Ford models feature the intelligent oil-life monitor™ (IOLM) system that will keep you alerted when you need an oil change. “Engine Oil Change Soon” or “Oil Change Required” messages will activate when it comes time to change your model’s oil. This system could also mean that your filter needs to be renewed or that you have low fuel pressure. Check out the Ford Owner scheduling tool so you can see when you should come to your Ford Salisbury MD destination for an oil change. If you need an oil change near Berlin MD, then come to Pittsville Ford today. Our team will be thrilled to help you out.

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