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Eight Car Seat Mistakes To Avoid

Ford Salisbury MD

Family trips are always fun, especially when you get to bring your little ones along for the ride in their car seats. However, it is important to make sure that not only is the car seat properly installed but that your child is correctly placed in his or her seat. Our expert team at Pittsville Ford, your Ford Salisbury MD destination, want our customers to enjoy every drive they take and have peace of mind that their kid is safe and snug in the car seat. That is why we have provided eight examples of mistakes that most people make about car seats and how you can avoid them. They are:

Not Doing Your Research — Though it seems it should be easy to remember, looking at different types of car seats is often an overlooked step. You want to figure out the needs of your child and do your due diligence by researching various brands of car seats. That way, you are sure to have the best car seat for your active lifestyle.

Buying A Used Car Seat  — Unlike purchasing a used car, our staff at Pittsville Ford, your Ford Salisbury MD dealer, does not suggest that you buy a used car seat. Even if it is from a trusted family member or friend, you still cannot be sure if there is an unknown defect or other issues with it. It is better to buy a brand new car seat and receive the instructions with it so that you can be completely confident in its ability to protect your child.

Not Finding The Safest Spot — Here at Pittsville Ford, your Ford Salisbury MD dealer, we think the safest place to put your car seat is in the middle of the back seat. That is because it is the farthest away from any airbags that might activate in the case of an accident and you also can turn around easier to check on how your child is doing.

Ford Salisbury MD

Incorrectly Installing Your Car Seat — Instead of rushing to get the car seat installed and head out on the road, we suggest you take plenty of time to learn its every part and to read the instructions. One area to look out for is to make sure that there only is one inch of movement to any side when you grab it at the bottom.

Not Having The Right Angle For Your Child — You will want to ensure that your child’s head is gently secured when he or she is in the car seat. A good way to check is if his or her head moves forward or if there is any slouching. Our experts at Pittsville Ford, your Ford Salisbury MD dealer, also recommend that you use a very tightly rolled towel and place it under the front edge of your seat, as well as bundling up your little one with blankets. These steps will help you in achieving the perfect angle.

Not Waiting To Use A Forward-Facing Seat — Though every parent loves looking at their kid’s beautiful face, it is important to wait until your child is at least two-years-old and 35 lbs. before having a forward-facing seat. We recommend that you start out with a convertible seat, which can be utilized for rear- or forward-facing. Since these typically have a higher rear-facing weight and height limit than an infant-only seat, a convertible seat will give your child support as he or she grows.

Ford Salisbury MD

Incorrectly Using The Booster Seat — As your child gets older, they definitely will need a booster seat. Here at Pittsville Ford, your Ford Salisbury MD dealer, we think that a child should be between 40 lbs. to 80 lbs. before they are ready for a booster seat. They always should be used with a lap and shoulder belt, along with having a high back that is appropriate for the size of your child.

Letting Them Use A Seat Belt Too Soon — One of the biggest mistakes parents can make is letting their kid switch from a car seat to a seat belt way too soon. Our experts at Pittsville Ford, your Ford Salisbury MD dealer, believe that a child should be between the ages of 8 to 12 and about 4’9” tall before they are allowed to use a seat belt.

Here at Pittsville Ford, your Ford Salisbury MD dealer, we will be glad to answer any questions you might have about how you can guarantee your child’s car seat will protect them as you travel. Contact us today!

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