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Pittsville Ford, your Salisbury Ford dealership, knows it can be tough to parallel park your vehicle, particularly when you’re on a trying to get into a tight space on a busy street. Take some of the pressure off with Ford Active Park Assist. You only have to put your Ford in reverse and you can let the Active Park Assist take care of the steering while you maintain your braking and acceleration. Get the peace of mind you need and get some stress off of your mind when it comes time to park your Ford. Ask our staff at Pittsville Ford, your Salisbury Ford dealership, anything you want to know about the Active Park Assist system.

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How Does Active Park Assist Work?

This feature is available on select Ford car, trucks and SUV models and is designed to be a driving aid. When it is active, this system will detect any available parallel parking spots that can fit your vehicle. Once you put your vehicle in reverse, your Active Park Assist will control your steering hands-free. You will still have to brake, accelerate and shift when necessary. Use audio and visual cues to get into your parking spot. You will also be alerted when your Ford is done parking. Make sure that you always check what is around you make sure your vehicle is parked correctly before you walk away. Our staff at Pittsville Ford, your Salisbury Ford dealership, knows the Active Park Assist can change the way you park and make driving easier than ever.

At Pittsville Ford, we can show you just how the Active Park Assist feature functions. Reach out to us with any inquiries you might have and see how this feature can help you park anywhere you need to be.

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